What will I need?

Documents required:
• Photographic identification
• National Insurance number
List of recommended tools for candidates taking the AM2 skills test:
• Insulated combination pliers
• Selection of large, medium and small screwdrivers (cross head and philips)
• Insulated side cutting pliers
• Metric Rule
• Knife - Clasp type preferred (Not Open Craft/Stanley Type)
• Hack-saw
• Junior Hack-saw
• PVC stripping tool
• Spirit level
• Plumb bob and line
• Stilsons/pipe wrench
• Spanners/Adjustable
• Scriber or marking pen
• Conduit bush spanners (20mm)

Please Note: This is a list of basic tools only. Candidates may wish to provide their own "specialist" tools such as Conduit Stocks and Dies (20mm), Mineral Insulated Cable Terminating tools, spanners, etc. In all cases tools must be in a safe condition, housed in a single small toolbox and must be inspected and approved for use by the Test Examiner before the test begins.

Candidates must present themselves at the test centre dressed in suitable working clothing and wear sound footwear.

All this information is in the downloadable AM2 Guide below

Pdf DownloadAM2Guide.pdf

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