Guidance Notes for Employers

1. Introduction.

Details of the AM2 Skills Test are contained in the Information for Employers and Apprentices Booklet. Apprentices will be referred to as Candidates throughout these Guidance notes.

2. Application for Test.

An application for a test booking must be made by an employer on the application form PRHSAC 002 available from PRH Education & Training Administration Office. Where a test fee is payable a receipt will be sent upon receipt of application and fee.

3. Eligibility.

Candidates must have completed a JIB approved course of Further Education, and have completed City & Guilds 2330 or similar and have undertaken suitable and relevant practical training and work experience. It is the responsibility of the employer to decide whether his candidate is eligible and ready to take the Skills Test.

4. Candidate Preperation.

Employers must verify that a Candidate has received the necessary training and work experience to undertake the test. If any deficiencies are found in the work experience, consideration should be given to providing suitable relevant training and work experience in these activities, or if this is not possible, arrangements should be made for a transfer to another company who can provide it.

5. Booking Letter.

Employers will receive a booking letter providing details of the venue and date of the test. A second copy of the letter is enclosed please passthis on to the Candidate. It is the responsibility of the employer to confirm that the booking is acceptable and to ensure the Candidate is aware of the date and that he/she attends accordingly.

6. Confirmation of Acceptance.

The employer is asked to sign and return the confirmation letter either confirming his acceptance of the booking or asking for a new booking. Failure to confirm the booking will be assumed as acceptance and involve the employer in payment of a cancellation or non-attendance fee if he subsequently cancels the test or the Candidate does not attend.

7. Cancellation Fee.

If an employer wishes to cancel the booking or wishes to schedule an alternative date, he must inform PRH Education & Training Administration Office not less than 28 days before the start date of the test. Cancellations up to 2 weeks prior to the date of the test will be subject to a cancellation fee of £250 and cancellations up to 1 week prior to the test will be subject to a cancellation fee of £300. Within one week of the test date the full test fee remains payable. This applies to cancellations for any reason including sickness.

8. Non-Attendance Fee.

If a candidate fails to attend a test for which he/she has been booked and the employer has not informed PRH Education & Training Training prior to the test to cancel the booking, then the employer will be required to pay a non-attendance fee of 100% of the test fee.

9. Late Attendance.

If a Candidate arrives more than 30 minutes after commencement of the test he/she will not be allowed to take the test. Such Candidates will be recorded as non-attenders and the employer will be required to pay a 100% non-attendance fee as in paragraph 8 above.

10. Test Fees (with effect from 1st April 2008).

The fee is payable in advance for the initial entry. In certain circumstances, this may be reclaimable from the Managing Agent.

11. Test Results.

The test results will be sent by the test centre to the JIB where the data will be processed. Each of the sections of the AM2 will be assessed separately and the JIB for England and Wales will send the results to both the employer and the candidate.

12. Test Result Notification.

This notification will give the result for each section awarding a "pass", "fail" and an overall result. All four sections must be passed in order to award an "overall pass" in AM2. For successful candidates in England and Wales, an AM2 certificate will be sent by the JIB at the same time as the result for notification to the candidate.

13. Failed Tests.

For Candidates who fail one or more sections of the test a report will be sent to the employer with the results notification giving details of those areas where additional training and/or work experience is required. When the employer considers the Candidate is prepared to further undertake the test he should re-apply to PRH Education & Training to resit the test.

14. Making an Application for a Resit.

When making a booking for a resit of the test, a copy of the JIB report should be attached to the application form. It will be necessary for a Candidate to re-take only the section(s) of the test battery in which the necessary standard has not been reached and not the whole test battery of all five sections.

15. Safety.

It is essential that Candidates report for the AM2 test wearing suitable clothing, safety footwear and glasses which comply with the relevant British Standards. Test Examiners have the discretion to refuse candidates if they are not suitably dressed. In such cases, the employer will be required to pay a non-attendance fee as in paragraph 8 above.

16. Tools.

A set of tools will be required to carry out the installation work. Candidates should use their own tools provided these have been checked by the examiner and found to be sound and in a safe condition. A list of recommended tools is attached.

Candidates should only take the test when, in the opinion of their employer, they have achieved the necessary standard.

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