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Item Price
Full Test: £561 (Plus VAT)
Part A Resit: £270+30 (Plus VAT)
Part B Resit: £130+30 (Plus VAT)
Part C Resit: £90+30 (Plus VAT)
Part D Resit: £70 (Plus VAT)
Skill Enhancement Training: £TBA (Plus VAT)
Assessment of Occupational Competence
Important Information
Assessment Retest Fees April 2010 to March 2011

New Assessment of Electrotechnical Occupational Competence (AM2) NET

The fee for a full assessment remains the same as at present:
£561 + vat inclusive of NET's £30 marking fee

Revised fees for candidates requiring a retest of any or all sections.

NET The retest fees will be as set out above and explained below:

Section A: £270 + £30 marking fee + vat

Section B: £130 + £30 marking fee + vat

Section C: £90 + £30 marking fee + vat

Section D: £70 No marking fee applicable + vat

PLEASE NOTE: The marking fee is only applicable once in a retest session so if a candidate returns for a retest on all sections then only one fee of £30 is applied.

A candidate who undertakes a retest of one or more sections on more than one occasion will pay the marking fee on each occasion as a separate marking booklet will be required on each occasion.

Whilst individual section fees have increased from previously a candidate requiring a retest on all sections will pay less and will pay the same as for an initial assessment, plus the additional marking fee.

These revised fees reflect the changes to the timings of the sections from the previous AM2 assessment and the reduction from 5 sections to 4.

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